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Why have an Estate Sale?

In short, why not?

There are a  lot of factors to consider when having an estate sale. Usually there are 3 reasons to sell these are not the only reasons but the most common. Downsize, divorce, or death are all common reasons for you to consider an estate sale.

The question is, do you have a sale or do you donate it all and just get it over with?

Maybe you thought you would just call someone and have them haul it all away and they could just have it all for a small fee.

Maybe an auction would have been a great idea. At least then, people would pay what they think things are worth right?

Maybe it would better if you donated it all and then you would at least have the tax break right?

Well these are all great points, and concepts that should be seriously considered. Once you are done considering them and you are ready to move on, contact us and we will help you figure out how to get things moving on your estate sale. Odds are, if you made it this far, you have al ready thought through most of these ideas and you are about ready to move on.

Often times it can seem like a lot of money to pay in order for someone else to sell your precious items. Having a stranger messing with your personal stuff is a little scary. The truth is though, having a person that is not attached to the items and has an idea of their actual value makes it a little easier and less stressful for you to sell your stuff.

Hiring a professional is an important part of the process. Hiring someone you like is just as important. The best of the best of the best may still not be the right person for you. Working with someone you like will help you relax and know that your assets are going to a good place and they are in good hands.

Hiring someone that has references is always a great plan. It may seem redundant and even a little cheesy, but if they have people that are to talk about their experiences with the company, this may put you at ease with your items, and your family heirlooms.

When you have an estate sale you aren’t just getting rid of your personal stuff, you are growing space in your home. You aren’t just making things disappear, you are also making a little bit of extra money.

Before you call us, take a second to know what you really want to do, set a realistic goal, know what you really are looking for. Do you want more space in your home? Do you want simple and easy? Do you want to make money? Do you want to move faster with less return or slower with more return? Do you want to haul things away afterward? Do you want to bring your friends and family in before its open to the public? Do you want to sell everything before your friends and family can pick through everything? What do you really want to accomplish? We are flexible and happy to work with you in these capacities.