We can’t know without a walk through. We need to see how much of an estate there is. We also need to know how many rooms, how many items, etc.

We work on a 30% commission on an average event. Although this can vary depending on circumstances. Our usual event runs Friday through Monday and is based on a few other factors. When we have to work out side of the common events, prices and availability may vary.

We usually work off commission although with some estate sales this can vary. If the sale is an exceptionally small one, or in an area that is difficult to find, a base fee may be asked. If the commission covers that fee though, then the base fee will no longer apply. Other pricing models may be available or required for custom scenarios.

We will discuss this during the initial appointment. We want to pay you immediately, although we do have to make sure that all the paperwork is in order. It can take up to a week to get your money to you, although most of our clients are paid within 3 business days.

We generally do not pre sell. Although, we will post some of the items for sale on certain sites. Occasionally we will get an offer for something and the buyer will make arrangements prior to the sale opening.

We try to be as flexible as possible with everyone. Although before the sale we are usually setting things up and staging the area and ask that people do not come into the area while we are setting up.

Yes, and what a great idea! You are invited to join us at one of our sales. We do host a variety of kinds. Some may be in very grand environments while others are centered in the lower parts of the house to keep foot traffic at a minimum. We are always eager to meet you and would love to have you at an event. You can find us on Social Media. Once you find us, you will be able to see our events that are coming up.


Other social medias will be coming soon.

We have scheduling capabilities on Facebook for us to set up a walk through and initial meeting. We only schedule 1 very large estate per month. Our smaller estate sales we can manage many more of those. If you want to go to our Facebook page and check the schedule or text or call us, we can work that out.

We usually work a sale from Thursday through Monday. Although we are aware of circumstances where a HMO won’t allow a sale on Monday, or Thursdays may be difficult to get passed the security entrance. There are a variety of reasons that non traditional sales days are required. We try to be as flexible as we can to work with you. Let us know your needs and we will try to accommodate them for you.

We value your input. We do, however, have a tried and true method for pricing items. This comes from appraisers as well as other documented values on items. We are always happy to work with you in any way possible. Although pricing things too high or too low can have a negative impact on the entire sale. We will always listen to your opinion and give it a heavy weight in the decision making process.

We can negotiate before hand to work that into our agreement if you want us to take it away for a fixed price. Or we can discuss it afterward. The stuff is yours until you sign an agreement for us to take it away. If you want to keep it, or have another sale later on, or even split everything up among family, that is fine with us, its yours to do with as you please.